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19x7 Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope IWRC (RRI19)

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Item #DiameterBreaking StrengthWeight per Foot
1-1/8RRI191 1/8 in53.1 t2.3 lbs
1/2RRI191/2 in10.8 t0.45 lbs
1/4RRI191/4 in2.77 t0.113 lbs
1RRI191 in42.2 t1.85 lbs
3/4RRI193/4 in24 t1.02 lbs
3/8RRI193/8 in6.15 t0.25 lbs
5/16RRI195/16 in4.3 t0.177 lbs
5/8RRI195/8 in16.8 t0.71 lbs
7/16RRI197/16 in8.33 t0.35 lbs
7/8RRI197/8 in32.5 t1.39 lbs
9/16RRI199/16 in13.6 t0.58 lbs
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