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Flat Jacketed Heavy Duty Type THW Submersible Pump Cable

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Item #Number Of
Insulated Conductors
Conductor SizeGrounding
Conductor Size
Jacket ThicknessCable O.DNominal CableWeight
1/0-3FHDFG41/0 AWG6 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm2.170x0.64 in55.1x16.2 mm1836 LBS/MFT
1/3FHDFG41 AWG6 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm1.915x0.630 in48.6x16.0 mm1829 LBS/MFT
10/2FHDFG310 AWG10 AWG0.030 in0.762 mm0.60x0.24 in15.2x6.1 mm158 LBS/MFT
10/3FHDFG410 AWG10 AWG0.045 in1.143 mm0.75x0.25 in19.0x6.4 mm210 LBS/MFT
12/2FHDFG312 AWG12 AWG0.030 in0.762 mm0.56x0.23 in14.2x5.8 mm95 LBS/MFT
12/3FHDFG412 AWG12 AWG0.030 in0.762 mm0.59x0.21 in14.9x5.3 mm138 LBS/MFT
2/0-3FHDFG42/0 AWG6 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm2.360x0.69 in59.9x17.5 mm2034 LBS/MFT
2/3FHDFG42 AWG6 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm1.72x0.50 in43.6x12.7 mm1061 LBS/MFT
250/3FHDFG4250 MCM4 AWG3.150x1.00 in80.0x25.4 mm4290 LBS/MFT245
3/0-3FHDFG43/0 AWG6 AWG2.580x0.74 in65.5x18.7 mm2428 LBS/MFT189
350/3FHDFG4350 MCM3 AWG3.550x1.20 in90.1x30.4 mm4550 LBS/MFT305
4/0-3FHDFG44/0 AWG4 AWG2.820x0.80 in71.6x20.3 mm3092 LBS/MFT223
4/3FHDFG44 AWG8 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm1.47x0.44 in37.3x11.1 mm721 LBS/MFT
500/3FHDFG4500 MCM3 AWG3.860x1.30 in98.0x27.0 mm8270 LBS/MFT380
6/3FHDFG46 AWG8 AWG0.060 in1.524 mm1.18x0.42 in29.9x10.6 mm487 LBS/MFT
8/2FHDFG38 AWG10 AWG290 LBS/MFTDry: 90 °C Wet: 75 °CN/A
8/3FHDFG48 AWG10 AWG0.055 in1.397 mm0.99x0.37 in25.6x8.1 mm360 LBS/MFT
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