Re-reeling Wire Rope

Storing and Reeling Steel Wire Rope

Re-reeling Wire Rope

When Reeling Rope from one reel to another, it is important for the wire rope to travel from top to top, as illustrated below. Spooling from bottom to bottom is also acceptable, providing the surface over which the wire rope will travel is clean, smooth and dry, to avoid having foreign particles becoming embedded in the wire rope.

Note: Spooling from top to bottom or from bottom to top can put a reverse bend into the wire rope. The wire rope should be removed from the reel in the same direction as placed on the drum.

Reeling Wire Rope

Un-Reeling or Un-Coiling Wire Rope

Great Care must be taken when removing wire rope from reels or coils.

Looping the rope over the flange of the reel or pulling the rope off a coil while it is lying on the ground will create loops in the line. If these loops are pulled tight, kinks will result, thereby permanently damaging the wire rope. Check the illustrations below showing the correct and incorrect ways of unreeling and uncoiling your wire rope.

Note: Whenever handling wire rope, take care not to drop reels or coils. This can damage wire rope and collapse the reel, making removal of the wire rope extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Unreeling or Uncoiling your wire rope


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