Item # 1/2RRI19, 19x7 Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope (IWRC)


Item # 1/2RRI19, 19x7 Rotation Resistant Steel Wire Rope (IWRC)

A uniform hoisting rope generally used where a load is suspended on a single-part line. Unique characteristics prevent spinning of the rope. This is a Single Part Rope.


Number of Strands 19
Wires per Strand 7
Core Design IWRC (Steel) Core
Wire Rope Grade EIPS
Diameter 1/2 in
Nominal Strength 10.8 t
Weight per Foot 0.45 lbs
Features Non-Spin
General Classification 19x7 Rotation Resistant
Actual Constructions 19 strands containing 7 wires each. These directional changes result in a rotation-resistant Characteristic.
Wires are laid geometrically to form strands, each composed of two or more wires. Breaking these strand configurations into several classifications is the basis for identifying wire rope.
A steel center rope yields a higher strength along with the ability to resist crushing Steel cores are required when the environment exceeds 180°(F)
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