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Item # 9/16DL, 6x21 Cable Tool Drilling Line Steel Wire Rope

Item # 9/16DL, 6x21 Cable Tool Drilling Line Steel Wire Rope

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Number of Strands6
Wires per Strand21
Lay of RopeLeft Regular Lay
Core DesignHigh-Density Polypropylene Core
Wire Rope GradeIPS
Diameter9/16 in
Nominal Strength13.5 t
Weight per Foot.54 lbs

The individual wires that form strands are most commonly available in high-carbon steel, generally supplied in an uncoated, or "bright" finish. Zinc coated, or "Galvanized" rope is available in some sizes and carries a nominal strength of 10% below that of a bright rope. On special request, wire rope can be drawn-galvanized, offering the same nominal strength as a bright rope.

Left Lay Rope

One in which the path of the strands in the rope is from right to left in a direction away from the observer. a1049.jpg

Wires are laid geometrically to form strands, each composed of two or more wires. Breaking these strand configurations into several classifications is the basis for identifying wire rope.

The core is the supporting member of the rope, made of either synthetic fibers or steel. A fiber core rope offers flexibility NOTE: When fiber core is specified, The most popular fiber core is manufactured in polypropylene.
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