Item # 6/3FYFG, Flat Parallel Type THW Submersible Pump Cable


Item # 6/3FYFG, Flat Parallel Type THW Submersible Pump Cable

  • Flat Parallel, Thermoplastic PVC Insulation Type THW
  • Submersible Pump cable with Ground, 600 Volts. UL Certified


Conductor Stranding 19 STR x 0.0372 in
Insulation Nominal Thickness 0.060 in
Nominal Cable Dimensions 0.309 x 1.287 in
Voltage Rating 600 Volts
Type Grounded with Footage Marking
Insulation Thermoplastic PVC
Industry Standards UL Certified
Number Of Insulated Conductors 4
Conductor Size 6 AWG
Grounding Conductor Size 8 AWG
Copper Content 290.8 LBS/MFT
Nominal Cable Weight 428 LBS/MFT
For use within the well casing supplying power to the submersible pump. Maximum conductor operating temperature of 75°C in circuits not exceeding 600Vvolts.
Annealed bare stranded copper conductors insulated with yellow PVC in a flat parallel construction. UL Listed per UL 83 Type THW as Deep Well Submersible Pump Cable.
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